Jonesiii From the Moon – “One Love”

Last we heard from Jonesiii from the Moon was back in July 2017 with his album The Moon Is Watching Us (an intriguing spacey affair). Since that time he’s released a handful of new songs; the latest of which is “One Love” – now streaming over on Soundcloud.

Listen, I’m the last person that should be writing reviews of hip-hop as my musical vocabulary in the genre is certainly stinted, to say the least. What I can say is that this track is much more accessible than The Moon Is Watching Us but doesn’t shy away from some of the same lyrical themes as the previous album; it just presents them a little differently. The backing beat is borderline vaporwave but supports the vocal line from Jonesiii perfectly as it crosses between a crooning refrain and a smooth-yet-driving verse.

There’s something mesmerizing and meditative about the repetitive refrain and its delivery and I hope there’s more of it down the line.