The Daytona Machines – Self-Titled

Back on Volume 101 of the WOTT Music podcast we featured the song “Wynona” from The Daytona Machines and now it seems they’ve re-released their self-titled EP with a fuller sound, new sequence and additional songs.

The band describes them as “garage pop” which is fitting for a good majority of the tracks but undersells their diversity. “Wynona” features baritone sax for crissake! The new track, “King of the Road”, is a burst of anthemic energy complete with megaphone outbursts in the breakdown – a combination that will, surely, translate to a fevered pitch live.

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  • This band is awesome. They are multi-talented and I hope one of their upcoming songs will feature Eric on harmonica. Great write-up.

    Thu April 5, 2018 at 7:52 am