Dara – “Don’t Wanna Cry”

The WOTT Music episode with Lance Conzett focused on Nashville’s Pop Scene. He did a great job of laying some basics and provided plenty of entry points to dive deeper into the scene. In an attempt to follow along with that good work, here’s the latest from Dara – “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

The single is, without a doubt, of the ballad type; overflowing with heartache and a sincerely mournful delivery. There’s plenty of nods to 80’s instrumentation and production throughout but it’s balanced nicely with more modern expectations. This is exactly the kind of track that you’d blast at high volumes while balling your eyes out over an ex-lover.

The accompanying video, directed by Casey Pierce, is a visual treat cutting between slow panning soft palettes and highly filtered glitch effects. On paper it would sound insane but in execution, it’s mesmerizing.

We openly embrace our ignorance on the POP scene here in Nashville. Dara is yet another entry point into finding more quality music from a genre that our city isn’t known for but, clearly, can pull off with great results.