Peachy – “Fetish” (Official Video)

You may have likely already caught this Peachy music video premiere for “Fetish” over on The Cream. If so, watch it again. If not, now is your time to partake in one of the finer releases of 2018.

Taken from their debut album Squirt, “Fetish” contains all the punk-y fun of the rest of the record and maintains the liberated lyrics heard in the more directly confrontational tracks like “Rich Boy.” The video depicts a devilish character transforming a group of women into subjected fetish items like balloon-sitters and food mashers with some light S&M and lingerie thrown in to boot. However, the lyrics directly undermine those visuals with the chant of “No, I don’t get turned on by the things you say about my body.”

Some great quotes on the song and the video from band member Leah Miller over on the aforementioned Cream article, so be sure to cruise that if you’re interested in hearing more about the creation and impetus behind the video directly from the creators.