Crease Reader – Lush Button

After the first two preview tracks from Crease Reader (“Full Sun Prism Blues” and “Paris Syndrome”) were posted it was a fairly safe bet that any forthcoming full-length album that followed would be interesting to say the least. With the release of their debut LP, Lush Button, we can finally say just how interesting that offering is.

Fortunately, the report back is all positive marks. The album manages to juggle a lot of different influences and styles in one package; a trick that many bands fumble with pulling off so gracefully. Across the gamut of tracks there’s sitar style guitar picking, some spaghetti western drum vibes, psychedelic soaring guitars, a dash of 60’s keyboards here and there and vocals that may hazily drift along or explode with an emphatic chorus behind them. None of that is to say that the album is all over the place; each of these pieces are perfectly fused together and never at odds with one another. It’s an album that rewards multiple listens, revealing addition layers and infectious vocal parts with each visitation.

The band celebrates the release of the record on Friday, Nov 30th at The Basement with Lasso Spells, Holy Mountain Top Removers and Andy Ferro.