Sugadaisy – Come Together, Pretend Whatever​.​.​.​Celebration

Don’t be fooled by the location tag on the Sugadaisy Bandcamp profile labeled Kentucky, the whole band has relocated to Nashville. My Facebook feed tells me that local Nashville natives hate this kind of behavior but fuck that, the more the merrier.

Speaking of merriment, the latest EP from the band, entitled Come Together, Pretend Whatever​.​.​.​Celebration, is a collection of feel-good tracks overflowing with sweet little grooves, fun vocal lines and general goodheartedness. I’d go as far as to call this hippie music – not because it’s filled with meandering solos (it’s not) but because of that good natured delivery of every song. There’s something definitively delightful in every song. The horns on “Dusk vs Dawn”, the baritone refrain on “Throw It All Away”, the backing vocal flourishes on “Pretend” and the myriad of layered everything on “Suzii” make for a fun listen.

Unfortunately, labeling a band as “feel good” comes across as a pejorative. Music that instills a feeling of optimism and positivity is often not taken as seriously as dark or brooding music. That’s unfortunate because Sugadaisy’s EP provides an excellent dose of relief; something we could all benefit from in a time of relenting news updates.