Welcome DRKMTTR Radio Into Your Life

Today we are happy to unleash DRKMTTR Radio, a brand new podcast brought to you by Kathryn Edwards – founder, promoter and co-owner at DIY-inspired venue Drkmttr Collective. The show will be a combination of new and notable music curated by Edwards, interviews with artists and chats about issues facing our community. The first episode is available now on your favorite streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Overcast, etc.

Truth be told, this podcast was slated to debut back in March. We sat down and recorded a teaser episode, got everything ready to unveil and then a tornado struck Nashville. Following that devastation, the coronavirus spread made it clear that attending shows at a small music venue like DRKMTTR was going to be on pause for awhile. So, like everyone else, we paused. We worked to promote the GoFundMe that kept Drkmttr going for a few months and we are, personally, proud backers of their Patreon.

We Own This Town had no hand in that fundraising, that’s the result of Kathryn Edwards and Olivia Scibelli’s laser focused efforts, but it is evidence that we are unabashed fans of the venue, the people involved and the goals they seek to achieve – both as a venue and as a destination for community organization and empowerment.

There are few upsides to the quarantine life that we must embrace for the health and safety of everyone around us but there is a silver lining in that it gave Drkmttr a moment to regroup and refocus its efforts to be even more community oriented than it had been. They are using their space to host the Nashville Free Store, they’ve given room for Teens 4 Equality to help further their efforts in the Black Lives Matter protests and they’re continuously helping to educate about upcoming elections. These are not the goals of your typical music venue and we’re overjoyed to hitch our wagon to their star and help spread the good word.

Go subscribe to the show to get all the latest episodes fed right into your favorite app, leave a review to help spread awareness and, most of all, empower your community.