Please Vote Nashville Powers Your Trip to the Voting Booth

Early voting is now underway in Nashville for the State and Federal Primary, County General and Oak Hill Municipal Election. If you wanted to vote by absentee mail-in ballot, the window has closed for registering your vote to be submitted. However, no matter how you choose to vote – in-person or by mail – there’s a lot of information to consider before placing your vote. In fact, education about nominees is probably the biggest topic to wrap your brain around. Fortunately, Please Vote Nashville is here to help.

The partisan free organization has put together a free guide to what each election position means and what each candidate stands for. All of the information contained within the guide is based on documented sources and is presented to you as straightforward as possible. All you have to do is read it. If absorbing a 50 page PDF sounds overwhelming, then you can follow their Instagram, @pleasevotenashville, for more bite sized nuggets.

Choosing the politicians that represent you in all levels of government is an important undertaking. The Presidential election gets the most media coverage but the lower down the totem pole you go, the more impact you’ll see on your day to day lives. That’s a broad generalization but it is meant to impress the idea that your local state representatives and your school board members should not be trivialized decisions.

Voting in an of itself is not the only driver for change. There is much work that we can all do to make a difference beyond picking an individual that we hope represents our values. Operations like Gideon’s Army United, Nashville Free Store or the Nashville Community Bail Fund should also receive your support in some way. Having a thriving community in Nashville is a complex puzzle, with voting being an important corner piece to getting to a better place.

For more information about Please Vote Nashville, hit up their website, follow them on Twitter @plzvotenash, on Instagram @pleasevotenashville or listen to this podcast episode with founder Tristen Gaspadarek about the whole project.

Early voting ends August 1st and election day is August 6th. Brush up now and cast your informed ballot.