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If you’ve listened to This Is The Place, our bar and restaurant podcast, you know we’re big fans of The Be-Hive; a plant-based kitchen and deli that strives to make meat alternatives accessible. They offer a full menu of delicious sandwiches and treats in their Deli and run a substantial operation manufacturing and distributing their original non-animal-based creations. Even if you don’t have the chance to hit up their physical spot off Gallatin Road, you can grab their Pepperoni, Chorizo, Seitan and other items from local groceries.

It recently came to our attention that on top of all that, they’re also regularly adding videos to their YouTube channel in the form of BE-TV. Each installment features a recipe of some sort on how to prepare their food, as well as a spotlight on other local restaurants. This Vegan Biscuit episode walks through how to make your own sawmill gravy, highlights the delicious offerings of Guerilla Bizkits and spends some time at Dose Coffee discussing how their vegan menu options are constantly growing in popularity.

The South isn’t exactly synonymous with vegetarian or vegan eating so it’s truly fantastic to see a small business like The Be-Hive be able to find increasing success. Even more impressive, they’re leveraging that success to shine a light on other businesses with similar ethos. We love to see it.

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