Nashville Selections for #BandcampFriday, April 2021

According to the official schedule, today is Bandcamp Friday – a day in which the music service waives their revenue fees and gives 100% of profits to the artists. This was started during the pandemic as a means of giving back but has grown into a regular celebration of independent music. According to the official schedule, there’s only one more planned for May 7th. It’s possible that they will announce more but as it stands now, this April 2021 Bandcamp event is the penultimate.

As we emerge from the pandemic, remember that touring and live music is going to be one of the last vestiges of normality to return. Take a moment to pause on this Bandcamp Friday and consider giving a few dollars back in thanks to all the music you enjoy. Sure, you pay $10 a month to Apple Music but not much of that is actually making it to the artists you listen to (if any). Bandcamp enables you to pay the artists directly; a mindset we’re 1000% behind.

Per usual, we’ll be tweeting about the selections we find and keeping a handy list of recommendations over on Buy Music Club; the un-official playlisting site for Bandcamp selections.

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