Selections from Nashville’s #BandcampFriday

If it’s not clear yet, we are huge fans of Bandcamp. It’s a music streaming platform designed from the ground up to actually assist in the turbulent task of making money as an artist. As we’ve noted many times before, streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music definitely have their role in exposing an artist to an audience but Bandcamp really seals the deal when it comes to generating income. It may sound wild to say in 2021 but there really are music fans that want to buy and own their music.

Over the course of 2020 and into 2021, Bandcamp has reserved the first Friday of the month for Bandcamp Friday, a day in which their waive their revenue share and give 100% of funds to the artists. This started as a way to help out creative folks during COVID and has blossomed into something of its own Internet Event.

Today, February 5th, is the first Bandcamp Friday of 2021 and we’re doing what we always do; sharing a list of noteworthy releases that we hope you’ll consider throwing some dollars at. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means but it’s a place to start.

Things move fast on Bandcamp Friday, so we tend to get the word out via Twitter thread to provide a bit more detail. The list below will help you hop out to the individual releases.

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