Network 77

For the past few weeks I’ve been seeing various mentions of Network 77 from a handful of friends. The missives were shrouded in mystery and entirely ambiguous. This thing was coming soon but there was no telling what that thing actually was.

Now, Network 77 is live at and you can unveil the mystery. Spoiler alert, it’s a 40-minute sketch comedy extravaganza born from the mind of Rachel Lichtman. While Lichtman may be an LA resident there is a massive Nashville presence throughout the show. Behind the scenes, David Shamban is creating graphics and Seth Pomeroy collaborated on writing several segments. In front of the camera, you’re likely to see familiar faces Jon Burr, Dean Shortland, Emma Swift and Robyn Hitchcock. In fact, if you only watch one segment of this entire show, watch the “Astrology Domine” segment with Swift and Hitchcock.

It’s great to see Nashville talent stretch outside the confines of our city and mingle with other talented folks. I highly recommend watching the entire first episode over at as it is legitimately entertaining from start to finish.

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