Dave Paulson announces TOMMY BOY album

Dave Paulson, best known for his work in The Privates, NORM and My So-Called Band – has announced a new album entitled Sandusky, Ohio to be released this Friday, June 22nd, under his own name.

Generally, this would not be an altogether newsworthy item to boast about – people release albums all the time – but Paulson’s album takes inspiration from a unique source, the 1995 Chris Farley movie, “Tommy Boy.” Yes, the SNL movie starring Farley and David Spade on a cross-country caper to learn how to sell automotive parts that coined the term “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” is now a concept album. Surprisingly enough, based on the teaser trailer, it’s going to be good too.

The album is currently available for digital pre-order or pre-save on Spotify.