615 Sessions

As mentioned in Volume 109 of the WOTT Music podcast, there’s a new Video Session in town called 615 Sessions. It’s early days but, at this time of posting, there’s two sessions worth digging into. The above embed is Sax Baxter covering “On a Plain” from Nirvana but there’s also a performance of “Love Yew” from their forthcoming album So Happy.

The only other session at this time is Leah Blevins and it is also worth a watch, though certainly a wildly different vibe than the Sad Baxter performances. That’s a Pro, not a Con.

These kind of in-studio performances can come and go as they are a lot of work to execute but I’m hopeful that there’s plenty more coming from 615 Sessions. Go Subscribe and be sure to catch all the newness as soon as it arrives.

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