Nashville Scene features My Fantasy Funeral

For their Death Issue, the Nashville Scene included an interview with Ryan Breegle, creator and host of My Fantasy Funeral. The piece, Pod Goals: My Fantasy Funeral Uses Death to Explore People’s Lives, tells the impetus behind the creation of the show and the approach Breegle takes when tackling such a macabre, and potentially touchy, subject.

The wrapup to the article is particularly great:

Guests often tell Breegle that thinking through his questions helps them consider the way they want to live their life and how they want to be remembered. The interviews turn into discussions about how life isn’t just about power, success and money. He’s learned that most people want to be remembered for being generous, being kind and having a positive outlook.

“It’s a nice thing to be able to have some input into how we are remembered,” Breegle says. “I think the show gives people — guests and listeners — the chance to think about what that means for them, what their life will be leading up to their death.”

Ryan has built a show that somehow magically asks everyone involved to think about their time on Earth and what they’re doing with it. We’re extremely happy (and fortunate) to have it be a part of the We Own This Town network and look forward to Season Two of the show.

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