Meet our Movie Musicals Podcast: The Hills are Alive

If you’re moved by the drama of Les Miserables, titillated by Dr. Frank N. Furter or brought to tears by the “Rainbow Connection,” you’re going to love our latest podcast. Please meet The Hills are Alive, a show all about the enchanting nature of movie musicals. The show is brought to you by Alex Caress and Kelsey Jayne; two longtime Nashville residents with an even longer love of movie musicals.

The show is available on every streaming platform that you like to hear podcasts – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, et al. You name the platform, they’re there ready to be streamed directly into your ears.

The first episode tackles The Sound of Music, the titular film for the show’s namesake. Alex and Kelsey dissect, recap and reimagine this classic film with the perspective that only a Nashville resident could. Musical critique comes quickly and swiftly in our city but our hosts keep it light and enjoyable.

Follow the show @thehillsarealivepod on Instagram and be sure to subscribe for future episodes.