Dive into the Hott Minute Digital Bag of Hotties

Hott Minute is a podcast about “Who’s hot and why?”, an absurd conceit that exists for hosts Jamie Bradley and Ashley Spurgeon to discuss pop culture, the lens of attraction and just be funny. On the show, they regularly dive into a “Bag of Hotties” – a literal paper bag filled with names that they share their opinions on. It’s a silly game but an entertaining exercise in the breadth of their knowledge of the zeitgeist both past and present.

We recently launched the Digital Bag of Hotties; a website where you too can participate in the ridiculous. Click the button to receive a randomized name (discussed on a prior episode of Hott Minute) and share your thoughts. There’s an option to tweet at the show but, frankly, it’s just as fun to play along with friends and family in (socially distanced) real life.

Hott Minute is a fun show. It’s a lighthearted affair meant to provide a break and examine the stuffiness of the world around us. Now with the Digital Bag of Hotties, you too can wax eloquent about the inane. Enjoy!

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