Listen to the Bandsplainer Patti Smith Primer Playlist

Bandsplainer, the podcast where host Olivia Ladd explains the impact of influential bands, recently tackled the massive body of work from Patti Smith. Guest Elena Franklin, of the band Reality Something, joined Ladd for a discussion of the music, literature, fine art and countless spheres of influence that Smith has been involved with over her fourty-odd years of creativity.

If you’ve heard the episode, you may be eager to dive into the deep well of Smith’s works. Fortunately, Bandsplainer is here to lend a helping hand in that department! Below you’ll find a Spotify playlist that acts both as a primer for her work and a portal to dive even deeper into her musical catalog.

Enjoy the playlist and then subscribe to Bandsplainer. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher and just about anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Here’s that Bandsplainer episode, embedded for your convenience: