Climb aboard the Spaceship of the Imagination

“Embrace the Chaos of Christmas” is the tagline for The Spaceship of the Imagination, a “synthesizer band turned theater troupe” that’s been performing for the past eleven years every holiday season. That chaos they speak of could mean many things to many people; the stress of gift buying, the delicate act of avoiding political conversations, the disruption of your regular schedule or maybe even the emotional baggage of feeling alone during a familial time of year. Whatever form it takes, a little respite would certainly be welcome. Spaceship of the Imagination aims to provide that respite.

Starting on December 19th through December 21st, this fifty-person production group will present Ms. Claus Saves Xmas, the latest chapter in their ongoing story about Krampus, a fleet of Space Force officers and, of course, saving Christmas. For a bit more insight on the exact details on that story, check out this Nashville Scene piece, which provides an excellent summary.

As a teaser for the occasion, the group released an official video for “Hold on to Xmas” – a ballad sung from the heroine Ms. Claus about finding the strength of being alone and moving along. Not exactly the kind of Christmas Cheer you’d expect from a backing band of felt puppets but a heartfelt sentiment none-the-less. If you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat to pull you in, check out the group’s Instagram page for some behind-the-scenes insights, ridiculous puppet interviews and one bad-ass looking Krampus.

Tickets are on sale now for the three night event. Pick one up here and visit their official site for more information.