Introducing Ladyland

Very proud to announce the addition of a new show to the We Own This Town network of podcasts; Ladyland. Host Kim Baldwin is a social media consultant and blogger. On her blog, The Blonde Mule, she’s maintained a written Q&A series with a wide range of women around Nashville (and beyond) about their jobs, their hardships and their insights on succeeding. Now she’s taken that series and turned it into a podcast.

The first episode will be released next week but you can go ahead and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Google or wherever you like to hear a podcast. You can also follow the show for updates over on Instagram at @ladyland_podcast.

We are very excited to have Kim share these stories with everyone as they manage to find that discrete balance between thoughtfully introspective and absurdly silly (just wait until you hear the Quick Questionnaires).

Welcome to Ladyland.