Bobfest 2019, Sept 26th – 29th

You are forgiven if you haven’t heard of BobFest, a four-day festival and camping experience put on Cold Lunch Recordings, Nashville Psych Alliance and a host of sponsors out in Adams, TN. It’s only the second year that it’s been put on and you allowed to not know everything. However, ignorance is not always bliss, so please allow yourself to be enlightened.

The above playlist should give you an excellent sampling of what to expect from the event. The music covers a wide range of Southern Rock, Psychedelic, Hip-Hop, Dance and often a refreshing overlap in the Venn Diagram of all the genres. The lineup is largely comprised of Nashville area acts but, as has been the case lately with Cold Lunch Recordings undertakings, many of the bands come from out of town. While it may not seem particularly noteworthy to simply book out of town bands, it’s worth noting that a special multi-day event that attracts out-of-towners is likely to build a larger community than just what our city alone supports.

The key word there is community. Both Cold Lunch Recordings and Nashville Psych Alliance have done an unbelievably admirable job of building connections between bands that may or may not seem like they belong together at first glance. Oginalli and The Inscape may not seem to share much commonality with Meth Dad or Soft Bodies but with these keen organizers at the helm, it somehow makes total sense. Spread across 45 bands, this kind of booking and scheduling becomes even more impressive. If you’re somehow not feeling a particular bands sound, wait a few minutes and you’re bound to hear something entirely new.

Tickets to the affair are on sale now, including a fairly bonkers price break for the weekend or a VIP pass that includes daily food and drink passes.