fan/fiction Season 1.5

Happy Friday! Today we announce the release of Season 1.5 of fan/fiction with Andrew/Zach, our podcast that explores the world of creativity through the lens of fan/fic.

What’s a half a season? Well, it’s both an opportunity to follow up on subjects and ideas from the first season and a chance to release a few nuggets of entertainment that might not fit into a proper collection of shows. So, herein, we have five new episodes that cover a good amount of ground. From a deep dive revisitation on My Little Pony and Puffs: The Play to One Off stories (think of the neglected Mr. Holland’s Opus fan/fic) to The Pilot Episode and bits that hit the Cutting Room Floor; Season 1.5 has a lot to indulge in.

As with Season 1, the entire body of shows is being released at one time so if you feel like binge listening, you can. Here’s Episode 8, the My Little Pony deep dive, to get you going.

Thanks for listening and if you have any topics you want to hear covered in Season 2, get in touch.