Joey Kneiser (Glossary) releases ‘Mr. Presto’ trailer

Back in Episode 93 of the WOTT Music podcast I spoke with Joey Kneiser and Bingham Barnes of Glossary about their musical history but also got some insight on what’s next for them. Kneiser mentioned that he was working on a movie, a new creative endeavor that may be even more difficult than making music but one he felt compelled by.

The results of that labor are starting to make their way out into the world with the release of the first trailer for Mr. Presto. The details of the plot are vague – something about a hitman, a magician and an idiot that gets wrapped up in all of it – but there’s plenty of hints throughout that the film itself is more than just what’s being shown.

It’s worth noting a range of locals make appearances in the trailer. Glossary drummer Eric Giles plays a full role in the fulm, Birdcloud shows up and I’m fairly sure I spotted Linwood in there as well. I imagine there’s more to that list as more of the film is revealed.

For updates, go follow Young Buffalo Pictures (Kneiser’s production company) on YouTube. The moment that next trailer drops, you’ll know.