Two longtime collaborators take a deep-dive into the world of fan/fiction to dissect the why of creativity.

Zach Duensing

Andrew Gumm

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S3E03: The Sorting Andrew

In this episode Andrew conducts a cute test. We revisit an episode from season 1 and Zach reveals just how desensitized to violence he is.
Posted: Thu March 14, 2019
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S3E02: In Defense of Avatar

This week, Andrew puts Zach in the hot seat about something he loves... unfortunately it's AVATAR.
Posted: Wed February 27, 2019

S3E01: Valentine’s Day

In this special Valentine's Day episode Andrew and Zach explore Fan Fic tropes and make up some of their own. Also, Andrew was in a play, apparently, Zach brings up `Heat`...again.
Posted: Thu February 14, 2019

S2E06: Michael

In this episode, Zach and Andrew sit down with Michael Eades and things get very blue in a conversation that can only be described as "24 Karot Goldblum."
Posted: Tue December 11, 2018

S2E05: Veronica

In this episode Zach and Andrew talk to writer/ attendee of Zach's wedding, Veronica Kavass who discusses the trials and tribulations of teaching creative writing to a [...]
Posted: Tue November 27, 2018

S2E04: Halloween

In this special Halloween episode, the guys discuss mash-up costumes, Slasher Slash Fiction and the most Goth Movie of all time.
Posted: Tue October 30, 2018

S2E03: A Brief History

The guys learn where the terms "Slash" and "Mary Sue" come from. Zach has a theory about action films. Andrew writes a haiku about a cinnamon bun.
Posted: Tue October 16, 2018

S2E02: Harrison

In this week's episode the guys interview their illustrator friend and long time collaborator, Harrison Cooper about what he considers the "worst" fan fic ever written. Andrew [...]
Posted: Tue October 2, 2018

S2E01: Sarah Beth The Good

In this episode the boys interview Sarah Beth Gumm, our go-to Fan Fic expert and Andrew’s sister. She hips us to the in vogue fan fic resource. We discuss the merits of [...]
Posted: Tue September 18, 2018

S1E12: Cutting Room Floor

This one is like the deleted scenes section of a dvd. These are fun, silly, and often humiliating snippets from the podcast that have been cut. Now they have been stitched [...]
Posted: Fri July 13, 2018

S1E11: The Pilot

This is the first episode ever recorded for the podcast, released for the first time! Zach and Andrew have even less of an idea what they are talking about than usual. This is [...]
Posted: Fri July 13, 2018

S1E10: One Offs

Zach and Andrew find the loneliest corners of the Internet, pieces of fanfic with only one story written. The following question is pondered. If Avengers has 60,000 stories [...]
Posted: Fri July 13, 2018
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