Two longtime collaborators take a deep-dive into the world of fan/fiction to dissect the why of creativity.

Zach Duensing

Andrew Gumm

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S3E08: The Worst Christmas Movie

Andrew discusses Christmas Fan/Fic, Zach reveals the worst Christmas movie and they both reevaluate their friendship.
Posted: Mon December 23, 2019
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S3E08: Game of Thrones Rewrite

Andrew and Zach do exactly what hosts of a Fan Fiction show should do - rewrite the final season of Game of Thrones. SPOILER ALERT: Somebody has sex with a volcano.
Posted: Thu May 30, 2019

S3E07: Easter Kringle

In this episode, Zach and Andrew discuss how the classic tale of Easter is, itself, fan fiction. Also, Lion King and X-Files crossovers.
Posted: Thu May 9, 2019

S3E06: Game of Thrones Predictions

Zach and Andrew ditch an entire Easter episode in favor of poring over their own Game of Thrones predictions.
Posted: Thu April 25, 2019

S3E05: Transform, Marry, Kill

Andrew returns in this episode to discuss theories about our reality, they play a follow up game of 'Random Fandoms' and determine who Andrew will marry some day.
Posted: Fri April 12, 2019

S3E04: fan/fiction w/ jamie/zach

Special Crossover Event! Jamie Bradley of Hott Minute joins Zach for a whirlwind chat on AO3, revealing writing styles and the raw sexual magnetism of Jonathan Frakes.
Posted: Thu March 28, 2019

S3E03: The Sorting Andrew

In this episode Andrew conducts a cute test. We revisit an episode from season 1 and Zach reveals just how desensitized to violence he is.
Posted: Thu March 14, 2019

S3E02: In Defense of Avatar

This week, Andrew puts Zach in the hot seat about something he loves... unfortunately it's AVATAR.
Posted: Wed February 27, 2019

S3E01: Valentine’s Day

In this special Valentine's Day episode Andrew and Zach explore Fan Fic tropes and make up some of their own. Also, Andrew was in a play, apparently, Zach brings up `Heat`...again.
Posted: Thu February 14, 2019

S2E06: Michael

In this episode, Zach and Andrew sit down with Michael Eades and things get very blue in a conversation that can only be described as "24 Karot Goldblum."
Posted: Tue December 11, 2018

S2E05: Veronica

In this episode Zach and Andrew talk to writer/ attendee of Zach's wedding, Veronica Kavass who discusses the trials and tribulations of teaching creative writing to a [...]
Posted: Tue November 27, 2018

S2E04: Halloween

In this special Halloween episode, the guys discuss mash-up costumes, Slasher Slash Fiction and the most Goth Movie of all time.
Posted: Tue October 30, 2018
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