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• Mon September 2, 2019

The Critical Assertions of Chris Gaines

Examining the press reception of a smoldering rock and roll character that put together an album of R&B songs that was then pitched to Adult Contemporary radio. Not great.

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• Mon September 2, 2019

Kyshona Armstrong

Kyshona Armstrong, songwriter and vocalist, reveals the plan for her fantasy funeral -- complete with an appearance by Oprah Winfrey.

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• Sat August 31, 2019

160: Huger than Huge, An Instrumental Special

Makeup and Vanity Set, Woodsplitter, Robots Against Children, Rich Ruth, flwr grl, Adrienne Franke, Oral Sax, VH1 CLASSIC

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• Fri August 30, 2019

The Nashville Flame and other 1980s Fever Dreams

Before taking you down a fever dreamy rabbit hole of 1980s Nashville, Alex delves into the legend of the Nashville Flame—a friend of other-worldly humanoids and foe to [...]

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• Thu August 29, 2019

Shots! Hurricane

Is the Hurricane a Tiki Drink? Mike and Kenneth investigate.

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• Wed August 28, 2019

Bill & Ted & Randolph

Steven Shepherd, Randolph from Excellent Adventure, speaks with Jason and Kelly about behind-the-scenes stories of the shoot.

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• Tue August 27, 2019

Mary Laura Philpott

This week Kim chats with Mary Laura Philpott, author of I Miss You When I Blink, host of A Word on Words, and “book enthusiast at large” for Parnassus Books.

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• Mon August 26, 2019

The World Meets Chris Gaines

From Jan 1999 to the Chris Gaines album release, we pull together all the disparate threads to weave the full story of Gaines birth into the world.

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• Sat August 24, 2019

159: Amphidromic Education

Ian Ferguson, Michelle Sullivan & The All Night Boys, Chico, Styrofoam Winos, Taylor Narain, Brasko, American Roommates, Your Gaze

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• Thu August 22, 2019

Introducing Ladyland

Join Kim Baldwin as she interviews women from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Funny at times, serious at times but always honest. This is Ladyland.

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• Wed August 21, 2019

What kind of human do you want to be? feat. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza and Tristan Scroggins

Today we’ll talk with Robyn Henderson-Espinoza. Robyn lives here in Nashville and is a queer, non-binary, Latinx poet and holds a PhD in theology. I also talk with Tristan [...]

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• Mon August 19, 2019

Sarah Souther

Sarah Souther, creator of Nashville's Bang Candy Company, describes the vision of her fantasy funeral as a jolly event full of laughter and beauty.

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