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• Mon December 23, 2019

S3E08: The Worst Christmas Movie

Andrew discusses Christmas Fan/Fic, Zach reveals the worst Christmas movie and they both reevaluate their friendship.

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• Sat December 21, 2019

177: 2019 Highlights with Lance Conzett, Part 2

Lance Conzett returns to help run down a few more notable releases from 2019.

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• Thu December 19, 2019

The Egg Nog Riots of 1824, Nog recipes and a Nogapalooza Special Report

A special report from Nogapalooza 2019, a history lesson on the Eggnog Riots of 1824 and an unforgettable Booze News Uber Ride.

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• Wed December 18, 2019

Anthony Simpkins of GemsOnVHS

Anthony Simpkins runs the popular YouTube channel, GemsOnVHS. We talk genre, curation and the empathetic power of music.

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• Tue December 17, 2019

Commentary Special: Die Hard

Queue up your copy of DIE HARD and press play during the opening fanfare to hear Jason Caviness, Dycee Wildman and Caleb Dirks comment on this classic film.

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• Sat December 14, 2019

176: 2019 Highlights with Lance Conzett, Part 1

Lance Conzett co-hosts to help run down a few of the notable releases from 2019.

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• Thu December 12, 2019

Shots! Zirbenz with Patrick Halloran

Liquid Gold cohort Patrick Halloran of Henrietta Red returns for a SHOTS episode all about the mysterious Zirbenz.

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• Tue December 10, 2019

175: 2019 Holiday Extravaganza Special

Okey Dokey & Kansas Bible Company, Bruce Ervin, Gummy Soul, Jessica Claus, Kyle Hamlett Uno, Lawndry, Snake Cheney, Lucky Halfspeed, QATS, The Pills, Miki Fiki, tinkers, Katy [...]

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• Sat December 7, 2019

174: The Enjoyable Simplicity of It All

Heinous Orca, The Chewers, Le Skunk, Blood Root, Infinite Limb, Sarah Bandy

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• Thu December 5, 2019

Phoebe Hunt, Mystical Indie Folkie

Phoebe Hunt is a fiddler, singer/songwriter and yogi. She came to Nashville by way of Brooklyn by way of Austin and we talk about everything from music-as-a-healing-force to [...]

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• Tue December 3, 2019

Paul Thomas Anderson: There Will Be Blood

Jason Caviness tackles the towering cinematic fifth PTA film and brings along two guests to dissect it all.

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• Sat November 30, 2019

173: UFO’s and Other Heavy Subjects

Stereo Specter, Slush, Grumpy, Palm Ghosts, Future Crib, Shoe, Ryoki Center, Limp Disco, Clementoon

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