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• Mon March 9, 2020

188: Absolute Resilience

A word about that tornado. The Features, Tower Defense, Glossary, Jordan Lehning, The Feminine Complex, Little Bandit

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• Thu March 5, 2020

Music City Tales from the 1980s: Lower Broad and the Ascendance of the High Class Drunk

How did Lower Broad manage to ascend into a tourist destination in the later half of the Reagan Era? Also, a few words about that fucking tornado.

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• Tue March 3, 2020

A Newman Beyond Repair

If a painting exists as a cultural provocation and receives a cultural provocation, is the provocateur guilty? Barnett Newman found out first hand.

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• Mon March 2, 2020

187: The Mystery Is Part of the Fun

Heaven Honey, Tristen, Soccer Mommy, Friendship Commanders, Karate Blocks, Jimmy Who and the Night Creatures, MUGGS, Shell of a Shell, R. Stevie Moore w/ Dave Gregory

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• Wed February 26, 2020

Music City Tales… Companion: Deporting Sex Workers, Legalizing Prostitution and Bombing Strip Clubs

A bit about sex work during the Civil War and some unbelievable tales about The Classic Cat II, Nashville’s longest running, and probably most storied, strip clubs.

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• Tue February 25, 2020

Brandi Carlile with Lorie Liebig

Crowded Table: Host Olivia Ladd is joined by journalist Lorie Liebig to discuss the modern accomplishments of Brandi Carlile.

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• Mon February 24, 2020

186: Big Meme Energy, Nashville 80’s Music with Alex Steed

Co-Host Alex Steed from Nashville Demystified joins for a special episode that dives into Nashville Music in the 1980s.

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• Fri February 21, 2020

Now You Know The Road To the Convention

Mary walks through the TN Democratic Primary Process with Maria Brewer, TNDP Director of Party Affairs, to unfurl the primary process.

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• Thu February 20, 2020

Music City Tales from the 1980s: Meet Hoot Jackson [Lower Broad Part I]

How Lower Broad went from being the sort of place most folks didn’t engage with after dark to becoming a budding tourist destination.

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• Thu February 20, 2020

How to be Shitty and Get Ahead: A Succession Primer

Ashley and Jamie opine on HBO's Succession, a show about beloved assholes.

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• Mon February 17, 2020

185: The Savage Generation, Fred Savage

Skylite Forever, Chance Cook, Infinity Backflip, Sundaes, Fly Golden Eagle, Orchid, Whoa Dakota, Factual

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• Fri February 14, 2020

Now You Know Women’s Reproductive Rights

TNDP Chair Mary Mancini talks with Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood Executive Director Francie Hunt all about TN and Women's Reproductive Rights.

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