004: Belly Full of Stars

Welcome to Episode 4 of Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental! Our special guest this hour is Kim Rueger aka Belly Full of Stars. As Belly Full of Stars, Kim often blends FM synths and granular vocals with sundry field recordings and modular processes, improvising textured compositions that veer ambient, with hints of glitch. In this hour, you’ll hear Kim’s philosophy on improvisation and music meditation, as well her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of making experimental music in Nashville. The episode closes with a sneak preview of new unreleased material by Belly Full of Stars.

Plus music by Belly Full of Stars’ creative influences: Caterina Barbieri, Rosenau & Sanborn, Low, Meg Mulhearn, Low

Connect with Belly Full of Stars
Instagram: @bellyfullofstars
Bandcamp: triplicaterecords.bandcamp.com

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Instagram: @radioresistance_tn
Official Site: radioresistance.org

Hosted by Carissa Stolting 
Interview & performance recorded by Matt Andrews
Audio produced by Kai Welch 
Artwork by Ben Smith 
Podcast distributed by We Own This Town 

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental is created by Unmanageable Arts, and made possible with support from the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
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