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• Fri August 20, 2021

Shots! Lemonade

The wild and century long history of Lemonade.

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• Tue August 17, 2021

264: The Boggling of Minds

Anchor Thieves, Virghost, Terry Presume, AJ and the Jiggawatts, Wallis Allen, Tayls, Da Real A1yo, Sweet Poison, kidDEAD, Bea Troxel, Mercy Bell, Jordan Lehning, Your Gaze, [...]

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• Thu August 12, 2021

Star Trek Villains: Shinzon

OMG TOM HARDY ORDERS TEA HE MUST BE PICARD'S CLONE. The ladies discuss Shinzon from 2002's Nemesis. CONTENT WARNING: includes discussion about sexual assault.

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• Tue August 10, 2021

263: Quality Local Playlisting for Maximum Delights

Intro, Lord Who, Jack Vinoy, Adia Victoria, You Drive, Nate Nakshian, Stereo Specter, The Katies, Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall, Sunny Side, Medusa's Hairdresser, Maquahuitl, [...]

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• Fri August 6, 2021

Shots! Boat Drinks and Daiquiri’s with Jessica Backhus

Jessica Backhus joins for a chat about all sorts of Boat Drinks; the Hemingway, Hotel Nacional and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club included.

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• Tue August 3, 2021

262: Confident Submissions to your Regular Rotation

COWBOY, Elke, Louis Prince, $avvy, Catalina, Adonis, BeHoward & FU Stan, Lawndry, Total Wife, Corinthian Leathers, Georgie Zaven, Thad Kopec, Zwil AR, Eli Marks, bobby_peppermint

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• Tue July 27, 2021

261: Back into the Mailbag

Volunteer Department, Gee Slab feat. Namir Blade, Slow Pass, B. Stokes, Lord Goldie & Sweet Poison, Chico Rashad, Kara Frazier feat The Aquaducks, Ayanana JahneƩ, Jyou, [...]

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• Fri July 23, 2021

Shots! Mojitos with Travis Archer

Mike is joined by Travis Archer, formerly the Mojito master behind "Mojito Mondays" at Dino's.

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• Fri July 23, 2021

Freewheeling Recommendations and High Controversy

Matt, Mickey and Michael are all together in one room and providing freewheeling recommendations and more than a dash of controversy throughout the episode.

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• Fri July 23, 2021

Music Therapy in Star Trek: IDIC Podcast Festival

Board-certified music therapist Amanda Maestro-Scherer joins L&L to talk about music therapy in Star Trek, broadcast live as part of the IDIC Podcast Festival (presented by [...]

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• Tue July 20, 2021

260: Familiar Songs

COVER SONG SPECIAL EDITION: cosmic collective, Dirty Fuss, Butthole, Trip God F'RF'R & Negro Justice, Tristen, Reno Bo, And the Relatives & Caitlin Rose, Nick Woods, Cheers [...]

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• Fri July 16, 2021

Shots! Whiskey Smash

The Summer of Shots continues as Mike and Kenneth discuss the Smash aka the Whiskey Smash aka a delightful and versatile, seasonal, cocktail.

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