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• Fri June 11, 2021

Shots! The Daisy and Billy Ocean with Jeremiah Blake

Nashville bartending legend Jeremiah Blake talks on the earliest and most important templates of the cocktail, the Daisy, precursor to none other than the Margarita.

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• Thu June 10, 2021

Ciona Rouse

This week Kim chats with Ciona Rouse, poet, author, editor, and chapbook champion. She is co-curating Kara Walker: Cut to the Quick at the Frist Art Museum July 23 - October [...]

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• Tue June 8, 2021

254: Multiple Eclectic Trios

Sun Seeker, Tristen, Sister Kit, B. Stokes, DeRobert & The Half-Truths, Petty, Lizzy Cruz, Catalina, Your Gaze, tmj, VOLK, mike, leisureware, Rich Ruth, Lava Gulls

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• Thu June 3, 2021

Villains: God Save The Borg Queen

The ladies come out of their alcove to talk about the Borg Queen and all her baggage.

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• Tue June 1, 2021

253: Really Surprising and Absolutely Delightful

Big Dumb Baby, Bantug, Lackhoney, *repeat repeat, Circuit Circuit, Total Wife, Real Won, Jody Joe, The It City, Volunteer Department, Thad Kopec, Fogged, The BlackSon, Scrap [...]

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• Fri May 28, 2021

Getting Real About Rum with Adrienne Stoner of Plantation Rums

Mike talks with Adrienne Stoner, rum expert, historian and cane education advocate.

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• Fri May 28, 2021

The Oppression of Nashville Hot Chicken Fusion

A fired up conversation about Nashville Hot Chicken Fusion followed by some praise of Mama Yang and Daughter, Clawson’s Seitan, 60 Vines, NVR NVR, Geist and some musical choices.

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• Thu May 27, 2021

Dear Ladyland

In the spirit of Dear Abby, this week Kim asked Joy the Baker, Sheena Steward, Sarah Hays Coomer, and Freya West to answer your burning questions about life, love, and work.

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• Tue May 25, 2021

252: A Lot of Everything and Everything Is Good

Namir Blade & L'Orange, Scrap Skreezy, vast ness, Bantug, colehjackson & Taylor Matalon, Interest Relief, Vibeout, $avvy, AG Sully, Wilby, Tayls, Sara Bug, Jack Silverman, [...]

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• Thu May 20, 2021

Larissa’s Fav Asians on Trek

In honor of API Heritage Month, L&L are going through Larissa's favorite API characters from Star Trek!

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• Tue May 18, 2021

251: Full on Squishy

Tristen, Sun Seeker, Dolour, Wallis Allen, Willie Dustice, Le F, Scrap Skreezy, Reaux Marquez, Legendary Nedge, Bled to Submission, Tommy Scifres, blaqspace_, SONATORE, [...]

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• Fri May 14, 2021

Shots! Mai Tai with Adrienne Stoner

Mike goes on a deep dive into tropical waters with Adrienne Stoner.

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