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• Thu July 2, 2020

Pilsner Round Up, Compost Tea, Black Owned Businesses

Thirst-quenching pilsners, black owned businesses, compost tea from Gardentined and Booze News!

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• Wed July 1, 2020

Nick Gulas was Nashville’s King of Wrestling

As a teenager in 1920s Birmingham, Alabama, Nick Gulas left his job at a bakery to learn the ropes (pun intended) of working in the wrestling business. Once he knew a thing or [...]

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• Wed July 1, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: Curious 7 or The Irish Goodbye

The guys say goodbye to Brian, have a Belgian Ale with Nobody, and celebrate an upgraded Shaw.

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• Wed July 1, 2020

Dawn Little

This week Kim chats with Dawn Little, elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California, Law and Order superfan, and Kim’s oldest friend.

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• Mon June 29, 2020

204: Ominous Romps and Pleasing Surprises

Becca Mancari, Soft Bodies, The Watchman & thaPoet, Palace Ghosts, Rock Eupora, Brian Brown, nickybaby, Nightjar, Palm Ghosts, Katy Kirby

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• Thu June 25, 2020

Star Trek REMIX: Tribble Time!

Larissa and Lauren introduce their first Star Trek REMIX, which examines closely related Trek episodes. In this case, the ladies decide to jump Scrooge McDuck-style into a [...]

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• Wed June 24, 2020

Jason and Kelly are Doomed

To celebrate the announcement of a four-issue comic prequel to Face the Music, the guys reshare their interview with Evan Dorkin.

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• Tue June 23, 2020

Our Favorite Movies: Jaws with Ted Ringeisen

Ted Ringeisen, LA filmmaker and cinematographer, joins Filmography Club to discuss his favorite movie; Jaws.

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• Mon June 22, 2020

203: Dipping into Doubles

Virghost, Dos Cobros, Houston Kendrick, Ace Quaalude, Primary Sound, Peter, Daisha McBride, Regional Overlord Sterling Silver, Juan Solorzano, Janell Rosa

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• Thu June 18, 2020

Shots! Sex on the Beach

Summer of Shots! The history of Sex on the Beach, Nashville's controversial downtown bars and a touch of Gardentined.

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• Wed June 17, 2020

The Fast and The Curious: 18.37 Miles

A handful of Face The Music rumors and notes before diving into Fast and Furious 6 where they dream of a Han/Giselle food/murder travelogue.

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• Mon June 15, 2020

202: Excitedly Eclectic

Jordan Lehning, Petty, Heavy Richard, Conner Youngblood, Joy Oladokun, Black Bra, Tim Gent, Joe Pisapia, Medusa's Hairdresser

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