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• Tue January 28, 2020

People Might Like You When You’re Dead

A 51-year old Czech artist smashed a framed painting over Marina Abramović's head as an art performance. Why?

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• Mon January 27, 2020

Women in Country Music

Host Olivia Ladd presents a conglomeration of data studies, statistics and reporting to help listeners understand the severity of the imbalance Women in Country face.

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• Mon January 27, 2020

182: Foolish Assumptions and Bombastic Rewards

Grumpy, The Rally Club, Carolyn Kendrick, Shell of a Shell, Donors, Tom Violence, Thad Kopec, Music Band

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• Sat January 25, 2020

Now You Know Right To Work

Host and TNDP Chair Mary Mancini sits down with guests to discuss the recent proposal to introduce Right To Work laws into the TN Constitution.

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• Wed January 22, 2020

Music City Tales From the 1980s: Prologue: Last Ticket to Bonertown

Alex Steed introduces a new 10-part series about Nashville in the 1980s by having a look at the infamous Mayor Bill Boner and his Donahue appearance.

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• Tue January 21, 2020

Paul Thomas Anderson: Inherent Vice

Jason is joined by Meaghin Burke - attorney, director, actor, film geek and rabid reader - for a discussion about the oft misunderstood 2014 fever dream, Inherent Vice.

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• Mon January 20, 2020

181: No Compass, No Course

Palm Ghosts, Dead Cures, Novice Leaders, Anson Hohne, Stationwagon, Blackpool Mecca, Harpooner, Sean Nelson

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• Thu January 16, 2020

Drinks of the Decade

A look back at the Top 3 drinks that ruled the last decade and a look ahead into what may rule the 20's. Bonus: Booze News and the debut of The Florida Files.

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• Wed January 15, 2020

To Space and Back with The Weird Sisters

Nashville Demystified gets too stoned interviewing The Weird Sisters, so they turn their chat into a sound collage.

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• Tue January 14, 2020

An Ipso Facto Invitation to Urination

Season 2 of Thick as Thieves shines a light on Art Destruction and Vandalism, starting with the most vandalizable piece around; Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain."

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• Mon January 13, 2020

180: Putting Quarters in the Machine with Jonie

Producer, musician, podcaster and DIY supporter, JONIE.

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• Wed January 8, 2020

Sean Nelson is Back in Nashville, Everybody!

Sean Nelson is a writer / music journalist / haver-of-opinions / singer / musician best known for his published works in The Stranger and as member of the band Harvey Danger.

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