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• Wed September 22, 2021

Penises, Pinworms & Sweet Potatoes with Shannon Lee Miller

Ghostwriter and developmental editor Shannon Lee Miller comes in to talk about her life as a mom of three and shares a few of the triumphs, trials, and some of the messier [...]

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• Tue September 21, 2021

269: An Accidental Surplus of Saxophone

Adia Victoria, Jessica Breanne, Nightingail, HB Mandella, The BlackSon, BnQuez the Artist, Halfnoise, Thunder Lily, nickybaby, The Nobility, The Ragcoats, Amy Darling, More [...]

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• Thu September 16, 2021

Picard’s Ladies

Join the ladies as they talk about some of Picard's most note-worthy space romances.

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• Wed September 15, 2021

Negroni Redux!

To celebrate Negroni Week, Jonathan Howard from the Continental joins Mike to talk about the Negroni Experience. Then, we rebroadcast the 50th episode of Liquid Gold... all [...]

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• Tue September 14, 2021

268: You’re Not Ready For This

S-Wrap & Rashad thaPoet, Wallis Allen, Thunder Lily, The Shindellas, Jive Talk, Interest Relief, Eve Maret, Nordista Freeze, vast ness., ommahdi, local spells., Inferi, erec xatu

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• Wed September 8, 2021

Nipples as Knobs with Jenny Black

Sarah and Joy introduce themselves and reminisce with licensed marriage and family therapist Jenny Black about some of the hardest phases of her motherhood journey.

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• Tue September 7, 2021

267: Something Beautiful and Compelling

Ornament, Future Crib, The Robe, BEZ, Cody Cody Cody, JustinLee, Mama Would Be Proud, The Loogies, L.Z.R., Kaitlyn Raitz, Kyle Cox, Kansas Bible Company, Scumcorpse, BendeZ, [...]

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• Fri September 3, 2021

Shots! The Honey Deuce and The Paloma

Mike Wolf and Jessica Backhus celebrate the Honey Deuce's 15th anniversary and discuss the cocktail's origins as the official drink of the U.S. Open, which is currently underway.

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• Thu September 2, 2021

Introducing the Momcult Podcast

Introducing The Momcult Podcast

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• Tue August 31, 2021

266: Not Devoid of Personality

Revival Season, Slow Pass, Erin Rae, Bats, Christina Tripp, Jessica Breanne, Boo Syrup, Khari G, Petty, Bea Troxel, Connor Gilmore, The Mango Furs, Patzy, With Clouds in Mind

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• Fri August 27, 2021

Get There Before It Gets Past You

Kisser, Alebrije, 5th and Broadway

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• Tue August 24, 2021

265: Italian Disco Classic Country

Sparkle City Disco, Amanda Stone, Tan, Eve Maret, Karass, Seint Monet, Quez Cantrell, Zac Chase, Ahmadmusic, Rock Eupora, The Nobility, Creamer, Zwil AR, MOUTHO, Soft Sound Machine

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