002: Michael Hix

Welcome to Episode 2 of Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental! This hour features the music and story of guest artist Michael Hix. Michael Hix is a composer whose music  incorporates synthesizers and electronics to build dynamic structures that evolve over time, delving into the human condition and the metaphysical dimension. His work draws upon classical minimalism, sacred music, analog techno & house as well as popular music. In this episode, Hix talks about the profound influence William Basinski and his artist collective Arcadia had on his personal creative journey– as well as the unique culture of collaboration and experimental “jamming” in Nashville. 

Plus music by Michael Hix’s creative influences: Pep Llopis, Ryuchi Sakamoto and Carl Stone.

Connect with Michael Hix
Instagram: @michaelhix
Bandcamp: michaelhix.bandcamp.com

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Official Site: radioresistance.org

Hosted by Carissa Stolting 
Interview & performance recorded by Matt Andrews
Audio produced by Kai Welch 
Artwork by Ben Smith 
Podcast distributed by We Own This Town 

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental is created by Unmanageable Arts, and made possible with support from the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
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