001: Dream Chambers

Welcome to the first episode of Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental! In this show you’ll hear from Dream Chambers, an artist whose music blends modular synths and crystalline vocal harmonies with bone rattling sub-bass. Dream Chambers (aka Jess Chambers) tells her story of leaving the folk / Americana world to find the spectrum of color and the infinite expanding universe in synthesizers. At the time of this interview she was one day away from leaving Nashville to return to New Zealand. With the birds eye perspective that transitional space offers, she shares stories about the underground music scene in Nashville, and embraces technology as her personal feminist manifesto.

Plus music by Dream Chambers’ creative influences: Pauline Anna Strom, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Arushi Jain, Suzanne Ciani

Connect with Dream Chambers
Instagram: @dreamchambers
Bandcamp: dreamchambers.bandcamp.com

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Instagram: @radioresistance_tn
Official Site: radioresistance.org

Hosted by Carissa Stolting 
Interview & performance recorded by Matt Andrews
Audio produced by Kai Welch 
Artwork by Ben Smith 
Podcast distributed by We Own This Town 

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental is created by Unmanageable Arts, and made possible with support from the Tennessee Arts Commission.

Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
Radio Resistance: Tennessee Experimental
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