Zwil AR – “Zellen!” (Official Video) [Premiere]

Back in July, Zwil AR released the double EP Rebell​-​Diamanten / d Küste. Or, rather, they re-released the double EP from an abridged 2013 version by adding new tracks, providing better mastering and generally revitalizing it into its proper form. Given that metamorphosis, it’s fitting that the lead track, and the video we’re excited to premiere today, for “Zellen!” is a study in transformation.

The underlying track is an exercise in minimalism with light, sampled, percussion looping throughout the duration but an absolute maximalist approach with the layers of vocal arrangements; slowly building and layering into seven simultaneous parts. Lyrically, Zwil takes us on a riveting journey through the minute details of different cell structures; of both the Plant and Animal type. It’s a safe bet that this is the most riveting song mentioned ribosomes, cytoplasm, lipids and cholorplasts that you’ve heard… ever.

The build is absolutely mesmerizing, only made even more transfixing by the addition of the Far Out Free Fest organizer Bunny Ames directed video. Much like the track itself, the video is deceptively minimal; a white sheet with projected images of cells cast atop various multiplied performances of Zwil themselves. As the track unfolds the entrancing cacophony sets in, both visually and aurally. Without striking the right balance, this could easily be an overload to the senses but, fortunately, that balance is handled with care and the results are simply a striking representation of both the lyrical content and the vocal performance.

Zwil AR describes the track as “freak-folk-esque.” It’s not an incorrect label but it is an insufficient one; as the magic playing out here is dashes of experimental electronic, psychedelic and full-on high art. Zwil AR is involved with a number of projects but the willingness to revisit prior works and coax them into a finalized form is a testament to their artistry. If we were the type of site to give scores for a release, this entire split re-release would get top marks.

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