Six One Tribe – Hummin’ (Country Music)

Let’s not bury the lede here, this new track from Six One Tribe is a collaborative effort featuring Namir Blade, FU Stan, Gee Slab, Weston, Riø Tøkyø, & Negro Justice. Furthermore, it was produced by Namir Blade, Just Vibez and Aaron Dethrage. That’s a lot of credentials to pack into one song and a lot of expectations to set before the first note even plays. Fortunately, Six One Tribe is not one to disappoint.

For the unfamiliar, Six One Tribe is a lot of things. It’s a collective of hip-hop musicians. It’s a studio for traditional recording and capturing freestyles. It’s a label that releases original compilations. In short, it’s an entity in Nashville doing a great deal to support the local hip-hop scene and it’s doing so incredibly well.

As for the track itself, it comes out swinging with an impressively upbeat party vibe. That feeling of wild summer abandon is present from the very first bars. The verses provided by Weston, Rio Tokyo and Negro Justice are all distinctively in their own voices, yet another testament to how Six One Tribe provides a space for their community of creators to shine. Pay close attention to the underlaying track, as there’s a lot of nuance happening with some intense drums, small flourishes of effects and enjoyable call-and-responses.

Six One Tribe dropped this on a Sunday afternoon in October and I’m told the track has been in the works for some time. There’s no telling what gems live in their archive but it’s safe advice to go follow them on Instagram and over on YouTube, as we likely won’t want to miss whatever comes next.

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