Terry Presume – “Act Up” (Official Video)

What Box?, the debut EP from Terry Presume, distinctly unique offering from a new artist that manages to blend a collection of winks and nods to a myriad of influences. From a helicopter view, there’s plenty of hip-hop and R&B influences present but zooming in just a bit and you’ll find elements of deep funk, sugary pop and sometimes even a bit of acoustic indie pop. All of these influences are mixed together for a pretty wild ride that serves as a helluva introduction for Presume.

If you hadn’t heard the release yet, let the official video for “Act Up” serve as your gateway to the fascinating world of Presume (if you have heard the release, you get it, just enjoy the video). The animated piece has a style that feels directly inspired by the world of 90’s animation ala Rocko’s Modern Life, The Proud Family, a little Ren & Stimpy, and a touch of anime. Much like the music of What Box?, the video blends these influences together into something familiar but uniquely new. It’s immediately comforting to watch but not deriative. It’s also just impressive anytime someone releases an animated video because that is a lot of work.

There’s no telling where Presume will take his next musical undertaking but based on the evidence we already have, it’s safe to say he’s capable of blending together any damn style he wants and making it work.

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