Jaffee Judah (feat Big 6) – “Solid” (Official Video)

After one listen to Jaffee Judah’s latest offering “Solid,” it’s nearly impossible not to have the verse bouncing around in your head. The combination of drums, Judah’s falsetto delivery and affirming lyrics of “everything I do is solid, wherever I go is solid” is simply undeniable.

The official video follows Judah through various performance locations; the studio, East Nashville, Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist and, most notably, Alkebu-Lan Images, Nashville’s only Black-owned bookstore. The video also depicts various profiles of friends and collaborators of Judah, all peppered with positive vibes and messages (one shirt reads “once oxygen hits the blood we’re all one color”). The Big 6 feature accents the message of the track expertly and keeps the upbeat vibes rolling through the end of the track. On paper it’s a conceptually simple video but the editing keeps things moving between black-and-white cut scenes and colorful outdoor interludes.

It’s been a minute since Judah released a track but he’s certainly not been sitting on his laurels. If you aren’t following him on Instagram, do so now. His Bang 4 Liberation project (featured quickly in the video) aims to address gun violence through art and community organizing and that’s just one of his undertakings. Be wise and stay tuned in.

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