Sonatore – “2:00 A.M.” (Official Video)

Taking a look at the Instagram account of SONATORE, you’re greeted with a grid of beautiful Polaroid images capturing people, places and things all with a keen eye for framing, color and emotional impact. There’s an instant nostalgia that comes with Polaroid that often evokes an affection and longing for times past. Melancholy, if you will.

Feeling that, it’s quite interesting that the artists official press release states “Remember, nostalgia is ultimately a liar.” It’s a worthwhile notion to consider; do you feel that affection because times were actually better or because the weight of the present is generally more pressing than that of the past? We don’t have the answer but it’s worth a thought or three.

The official video for “2 A.M.” plays on all of those foundations. The video is simple but well framed. The artist is shown wearing a black veil, a visually creative choice that evokes Aldous Harding (or locals The Mute Group). It’s steeped in melancholy performance. The track itself is a simple acoustic guitar often swept up by light strings, carrying the baritone vocals as they lament a lost relationship.

But is the pain of that lost relationship nostalgia or true pain? Fortunately, the answer doesn’t have to be a straightforward choice one way or the other. It can be, and is, both.

Slow songs and ballads can be difficult to get coverage (especially on this site) but Sonatore has crafted a landscape that is delicate and contemplative while clearly being intentional in its presentation. This isn’t your run of the mill sad song, this is a full-on introspection from all angles and we appreciate it greatly.

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