Full Mood – “Beats Me” (Official Video)

Happy to premiere the brand new video for “Beats Me” from Full Mood off of their upcoming Cold Lunch Recordings release. If you’re unfamiliar, Full Mood crafts slow-burning, lush indie pop songs that somehow manage to carry a hefty dose of melancholy and optimism.

“Beats Me” captures that essence perfectly. The slow burning video features the two primary band members stoically passing the time playing cards, chess, video games or board games. It’s a visual lament on the doldrums of suburban living and, if you’re a fan of lyrics, an open-to-interpretation tale of relationship upkeep or the literal costs of staying together.

The real fire of the track ignites about two minutes in as it unfurls with a full-on Lynchian twist. The suburban settings remain but the band members are lost in their own world, a spotlight appears, a green fog creeps in from under the door and if Laura Palmer appeared with The Man From Another Place you would not be the least bit surprised. It’s haunting, foreboding and just the right amount of weird to make it fully intriguing.

The later half of the video transitions into a proper performance video but manages to maintain the mystery set in place beforehand. Is the band now stuck in a nether world between reality and The Other? Have they transitioned into a this realms equivalent of The White Lodge? These questions can never be answered but simply posing them in the first place makes for a wonderful discussion piece.

Full Mood continues to establish themselves as an actual full mood; encompassing the complex, the mysterious and the intriguing all at once. The forthcoming EP is sure to be one not to miss.

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