Snooper – “Powerball” (Official Video)

“Powerball” is the third single from the forthcoming Super Sn?õ?õ?per record and it somehow manages to be more ramped up than the prior two – “Pod” and “Fitness.” If you’ve not listened to those first two tracks yet, go ahead and queue them up to give yourself some context on the frantic, driving pace that Snooper delivers.The magic of Snooper lies in their perfect combination of gritty punk influences and Pee-Wee Herman style playfulness (Pee-Wee’s work having plenty of it’s own subversiveness, obviously). The video that accompanies “Powerball” – Directed/Edited/Shot by Blair Tramel – matches the energy of the track in terms of the editing pace but keeps it light by frying up some pool balls for some tacos. To put it succintly, Snooper is a perfectly balanced blast of punk and playful.

Trying to intellectualize it is not the most productive way to go. If you get it, you get it. The influences at work here are fascinating and incredibly enjoyable to seem them all work together so nicely. I’d advise rewinding the minute long track a few times to soak in the lyrics; they aren’t fluff by any means and only add to the power of what the band is doing.

The record will be released on July 14, 2023 and you can order the vinyl right now. The splatter color variant has already sold out, so you’ll wanna pick up your copy stat!