Luke Schneider – “Gloria”

Happy to share “Gloria,” the first single from the sophomore Luke Schneider album, It Is Solved By Walking. The album will be co-released by Centripetal Force Records and Third Man Records; with the former releasing the physical LPs and the latter rolling out the digital streams.

Schneider’s body of work is well known to anyone following the local music scene. His prior solo album Altar of Harmony was critically acclaimed, his live show is captivating to say the least and his collaborations with William Tyler, Margo Price, Orville Peck, Peter One, Kyle Hamlett Duo and many others have been enjoyed throughout the years.

This lead single, “Gloria,” is an immersive and meditative piece. Schneider notes the title choice is meant to evoke the “overwhelming awe and peace” of being in nature; be it a forest, a beach or a cityscape. Furthermore, he states:

My hope is that this music will facilitate meditations on how we can best allow these living settings to grow wild, undisturbed, and, if needed, nurture them with thoughtful care. The more perfect they become, the more passionately we and all creatures may feel connected to the glory and eminence of this divine universe.

You can tell just by looking at the cover of It Is Solved by Walking, Schneider is inviting you on a journey to gaze into the world ahead of you. Hopefully, with a little bit of reflection, we can all elevate beyond the petty and find some peace. Sure, that’s a lofty goal for a pedal steel record but it’s entirely possible if you let it happen.