Ron Obasi – “Penny’s Innerlude” (Official Video)

Ron Obasi has had a busy year releasing numerous singles, collaborations, the Notes on a Scale II EP, the excellent Sun Tapes LP and a series of other songs released during his Droptober series. Truth be told, I’m sure I’m overlooking at least a half dozen other releases but the point is clear, he’s had an unbelievably impressive year.

As the year winds down, it seems sensible to assume that things might slow down in the Obasi camp but this past weekend he released the official video for “Penny’s Innerlude” and it is a riveting spectacle. The Big TV-headed Obasi is surrounded by a number of notable Nashville hip-hop artists as his verses wax on about turning away from bad situations, persevering through difficulties and dropping fake behavior. It’s poignant and powerful and definitely a sign that Obasi has no interest in pumping the brakes.

Watch it on Youtube and follow Obasi on Instagram or Twitter. You won’t want to miss whatever comes next.