David Argyle Thacker – The Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album

Look, it wouldn’t be Christmas at We Own This Town without a mention of David Argyle Thacker’s neverending enjoyment that is The Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album. We’ve been mentioning this release since it’s initial unveiling back in 2012. That’s eight years of revisiting the same six tracks lead by… mouth trumpet. And it never gets old.

Truth be told, the most joyous track is “Jingle Bells” as it is contains the most unleashed mouth trumpet but the synth-y “Deck the Halls” and layered “The First Noel” are absolutely worth a listen.

In more recent years, the album has found its way on to Spotify, Soundcloud and other streaming services but the best way to enjoy it is directly from Bandcamp; where you can drop a few coins in the collection bucket as goodwill towards Thacker’s undying gift to the world… the mouth trumpet.

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