Jessie Baylin – “Time is a Healer” (Official Video)

Jessie Baylin is in full swing promoting her new album Jersey Girl, due out September 23rd, 2022. The first single, “That’s the Way,” is a delightfully bounce-y pop song and comes coupled with a phenomenal video of choreography and loads of mirrors.

The second single, “Time is a Healer,” leans more into psychedelic territory and features an infinitely zooming video that pairs oh-so-well with the mystical vibes of the track. Seeing work like this really reminds you that video editors have an enormous job on their plate to make something so seamlessly immersive come into fruition.

Both videos were directed by Casey Pierce, a name that you should become intimately familiar with if you aren’t already because their body of work has only gotten better and better over time. “Time is a Healer” is impressive on all fronts.

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