Smart Objects – “Respirator” [Premiere]

Smart Objects has a brand new EP slated for release in September and We Own This Town is very pleased to premier both the first single (“Something Happened“) and the brand new second single “Respirator” – out today.

The new track features similar bounding energy to the first, as well as plenty of surprising instrumentation (listen for some hammer dulcimer) but easily the most notable change with this track is that frontman Benjamin A. Harper has stepped away from lead vocals and Alaina Stacy takes the reins. We’re told that the vision for the band was always to have multiple lead vocalists but this is the first opportunity that the plan has come to fruition. It is, in a word, refreshing. Harper’s vocals have always been enjoyable but the inclusion of a new voice not only expands the band’s sonic palette but gives new context to the songs.

Aside from being a line in the sand to show the band evolving into new realms, it’s also a helluva infectious bop. Maybe I’m a simple guy but I just can’t resist the allure of some well harmonized “la la la’s.” It’s always exciting to hear a track that you know will explode when performed live and get the audience singing along. Here’s to looking forward to the next Smart Objects live show and their continued evolution.

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