Tayls – “Universe is Crumbly”

Tayls is set to play Live on the Green this Sunday, September 4th at 5:30 in the afternoon. The sun will be starting to set and I’ve no doubt that the band will explode on stage with an energy that has become synonymous with their whole vibe.

Case in point, the band just released their brand new single “Universe is Crumbly” and there’s no better word to describe it than explosive. The track is an excellent fit to their ever growing catalog of songs that manage to exude a bright optimism filled with sing-along choruses while lyrically tackling self-doubt, loneliness, and introspection. Taylor Cole sings:

We’re just trying to keep it together
Feels like everything is coming apart
Like living in a twilight zone
feeling so alone
I’m just fumblin’ around in the dark

This sentiment has become true for many of us post-COVID, post-Roe v Wade, mid-environmental collapse, or just for no global reason at all. Living is hard and Tayls has never shied away from tackling those feelings head on. “Universe is Crumbly” packages up all that anxiety and unfurls it as an exorcism. Bottling up those feelings will only eat away at your insides but, here, Tayls lets all those feelings fly free.

We’ve got it on good authority this isn’t the only new Tayls song in the pipeline but it’s an excellent reminder to see them at Live on the Green and, more importantly, to embrace a soundtrack to your life that lets you release it all with exuberance.

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