Volume 25

Volume 25
Photo by Thomas Petillo

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The very first We Own This Town podcast was kicked off by Ole Mossy Face and it only makes sense that the 25th installment of the podcast should be devoted to the Trey Deuce Club. While, musically, it’s a bit heavier leaning on the Americana and Western influenced stylings than the typical podcast fair it is the perfect embodiment of the mindset we love to see in the Nashville area. The Trey Deuce Club itself is a collective of musicians all writing together, playing in each others projects and cultivating support in general. Musicians making music together for the sake of making music; with a great community being created as a byproduct.

If you’re into what you’re hearing on this edition of the podcast be sure to drop by The 5 Spot on Friday (August 7th) to celebrate the release of the the Trey Deuce Club Vol. II compilation – featuring lots of new music from all of these artists. This podcast serves as an overview of some of the best of what they have to offer, the new compilation lets you in on the latest and greatest.