Volume 13


We Own This Town #13
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Nashville rock is never in short order but it feels like lately there has been a surplus of goodness that should be appreciated. This edition of We Own This Town attempts to highlight some of the more recent releases from some of Nashville’s finest. Granted, the How I Became the Bomb track has been around for awhile but it is included here for historical purposes (and it made a good segue).

If the Meemaw track “Blue in the Backlight” doesn’t make your summer a little better you should give up on trying to enjoy music ever again. Though I personally think all of the tracks on this edition are worth innumerable relistenings.

Future suggestions are always welcome.


  1. JEFF the Brotherhood – “Seasonal Jam”
  2. Meemaw – “Blue in the Blacklight”
  3. Apollo Up! – “Maximillian”
  4. And The Relatives – “Cowboy Jazz”
  5. Hands Down Eugene – “Shelter”
  6. Codaphonic – “P.C.H.”
  7. Velcro Stars – “Lush with a Crush”
  8. How I Became the Bomb – “Harvest (demo)”
  9. Millionaire Magicians – “Tribute to Machines”