Volume 98

We Own This Town: Volume 98

December is, historically, a time for reflecting on the year’s previous releases – a worthy practice if ever there was one. However, there’s still plenty of great recent releases that haven’t been highlighted on our show and that just simply will not stand. If the WOTT Music podcast is a time capsule of the great music our city has to offer, we’re going to forge ahead with documenting those releases. There may be a Best Of episode in our future but until 2017 has completely run out of steam, we’re going to keep highlighting newness.

  • The Subnovas – I Cannot Stop
  • Kim Logan – Ladyboy
  • Joshua Morse – Demon Seed (Castlevania 3)
  • Robyn Hitchcock -Time Coast
  • Nightblonde – Let’s Go To Bed (The Cure)
  • HARI – All My Darkest Dreams
  • Soccer Mommy – Inside Out
  • Spodee Boy – Sweating