Volume 95

We Own This Town: Volume 95

Serendipity led me to place Yon Ort and ONLY back to back – a track that claims “What you feel, isn’t real” followed by a track that claims “we all die!” It’s a haphazard goodness that I can’t take credit for but I’m happy to bring to you.

No theme in this Volume of the podcast, just another quality smattering of great local music. We’re closing in on Volume 100 and it feels great that there’s no shortage of music to put together.

  • Yon Ort – What You Feel
  • ONLY – July
  • Charlie and the Evil Mothers – Strings
  • TV Sisters – Motivate Me
  • Butthole – I Went to High School and Graduated
  • Boyscott – Sinking Down
  • Save MacCauley – Skulls (The Misfits)
  • Makeup and Vanity Set – Iridescent
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