Volume 112

If there were more distinct episode titles for this show this one would be called “The Lonely Biscuits Apology” – as I learn a hearty lesson about judging a band too harshly simply by having an opinion on their name and not their actual music. Aside from that massive bit of egg-on-face that happens about midway through the episode, there’s a good half hour of new music, collaborations and unique output from our fair city here.

Dan Burns – ‘Wave’

You Drive – ‘New’

The Lonely Biscuits – ‘Endlessly’

Creamer – ‘Drugs No More’

Sad Baxter – ‘Believe Me’

Wax Mistress – ‘A Reflection’

The White Lily x Where They Sleep- ‘Half Lite (ft. VIK)’

Divora – ‘Streets of Ust’Natha’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: The Lonely Biscuits

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