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Not only are we working through a general backlog of releases from 2023, we’re also working through a Dan Burns Backlog. There’s 3 Dan Burns songs in this episode and I stand by my decision to include them all. If you’re incredibly weird and do not like Dan Burns, don’t worry, there’s plenty of Non Dan Burns™ in here as well.

Dan Burns on the cover.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town

New and notable releases from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Dan Burns - Fugue in C Meownor
“Fugue in C Meownor”
The Brain - QuadraVision
Domo - Too Late To Start
“Too Late To Start”
“Limited Parking Space – Theme”
Love Montage - KEEPIN IT CLEAN
MT Vice - like a stone
“like a stone”
The Mad Gear - Battletoads Medley
“Battletoads Medley”
Zephaniah Bostow - Only Orbit
“Only Orbit”
The Spirit League - Sarah
Rig B - Sleep in who cares
“Sleep in who cares”
Make Yourself At Home - happy 88 no limit
“happy 88 no limit”
Total Wife - rest