343: Upending Historical Precedence

Back again! If you’re a regular listener to the show, you are aware that historically this show came out weekly. Then in 2023, the sh*t hit the fan at my day job and I have not been able to produce anywhere near as many episodes. HOWEVER, I have been paying some attention to new releases and building a backlog. It’s kind of massive actually. We’re nowhere close to getting through it. This episode; thirteen tracks coming your way if you just hit play./p>

As you listen, be sure to follow Cold Lo #BEATS, Ron Obasi, Negro Justice & JustVibez, Caroline Cronin, The Medium, The Altered Statesman, Mount Olympic, 32 Draculas, Work, Palm Ghosts, OTNES, Kaijuba and Sad Valley Sky King for the latest from each of them.

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We Own This Town: Music
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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.


Ron Obasi

Caroline Cronin

The Medium
“Shes Got It”

The Altered Statesman
“Hearts Around the Moon”

Mount Olympic
“Hopeless Romantic”

32 Draculas
“21st Century Lust”

“Vampires of Shelby Park”

Palm Ghosts


“Prismatic Sky”

Sad Valley Sky King
“Blue Moon Over Sad Valley”